Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why African unity?

In those gauchely moments of the African union 8th ordinary conference at the head quarter, the capital’s main roads were conquered by the most hated federal police forces of Ethiopia, Shielding the safety of those dozens of dictators. Sitting at the verandah of a nearby pastry ‘Hany cake’, at the right corner of the AU head quarter, I was stunned to see all the hassle for the honor of the African autocrat. Why is all the harass going on in this’ magical moments ‘of the congregation of the ‘leaders’. I wonder now days if there is any viable purpose for the existence of the African union.
May 25, 1963, the African history came to landmark when heads of 30independent African state signed a charter of Addis Ababa, there by establishing the organization of Africa union. All African were delighted by this momentous achievement of the’ founding fathers’. Though the roads demand fortitude to flee from the shadow of colonization, African had a giant hope. our leaders can conquer all vistas of challenges.
The late president of Niger Diori Hmani, declared
African Unity “…will enable the African to participate actively in the life of men of other continents, no longer as a second-rate citizen, a poverty stricken producer, a subject client or servile imitator of foreign of ways of life ,but as a free man ,a physically healthy technically qualified producer, having not only attained the maximum development but also having retained his cultural patrimony , his moral values ,his soul”
Sitting at the verandah of HANY CAKE, staring at the fine-looking fence of the African union headquarter, I question the noble word of the late Nigerian president speech.
After this speech had been made 44 years ago, still I am treated as second- rate citizen in my home country by my fellow citizens for the honors of these ‘leaders’.

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