Wednesday, April 25, 2007

'The conferences of intellectuals' financial saga

The inside sources at African union commission revealed to this blogger that, the praiseworthy chairperson of AUC Mr . Alpha Omhar Konnary felt discontent concerning the financial handling situation at the commission. It may pressurize him to leave its position.
The audit report conducted by the world's prominent audit firm Earnest and Young uncovers the commission's financial and technical limitation.
At The conferences of intellectual from Africa &the Diaspora held in Dakar, Senegal october7-9, 2004, the commission's recklessness had been manifested. There seems deliberate mishandling financial matter at the conference.
The guiding principle to organize the Dakar conference was a decision of the head of state of the AU at the summit in Lome, Togo.
In July 2004,it was believed ,it would be useful to associate African intellectuals ,the Senegalese president Abdulaye Wade insist on the idea of preparing the conference. Since AU did not have enough contribution to hold the conference, it adopted the principle of financing the conference by subsidizing from head of states & through sponsoring. AU had pre financed 7million dollars from it general fund.
According to the audit report, roughly, 2 million dollar had been vanished without proper documentation. There had been payments with out any authorized receipt,
Selection of the bidder was not in harmony with the international standard &the commission's internal policy. The bidding was not announced with those media of higher coverage.
With out clear criterion, the South African Rapidawn outsourced the conference. However, it is unclear why the two western bidders denied outsourcing.
The overall audit report states the AU is handicapped with short of efficiency.
The audit report creates discontent among the higher officials at the commission. The Dakar incident is just the model of the entire corruption and mismanagements at AU.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Thank God! AU expresses its concern rather than taking strong stand against the act of Mugabe. Expressing concern is the African union’s best resolution for the imminent potential danger. ‘Our’ guys are fit enough to express their concern. When a dictator ruins lives of its citizen, AU has been indulged with expressing its concern.
May the concern of AU prevail in Africa! Amen.
hey!I am just expressing my concern.

Darfur in my mind 2

Darfur, is the existing human being wretchedness hotspot. Every walks of ‘darfurians’ are full of the countless tragedy. Oh! Africa! Oh the cradle of man kind! What miraculous shoulder do you have to bear such a calamity!
Milestone Causes of conflict

In 1970s and in1980s increased desertification and drought resulted in significant movement of nomadic people, moving deeper in to southern area, as well as ‘newcomers’ entering from Libya, Chad and Mauritania. The rivalry for the scarce water and resources causes a potential conflict among groups. The intensity of conflicts increased significantly with the formation of village defense group and militias and influx of Small arms and a light weapon in to the region. By the 1980s the most conflict was between the fur and the nomadic tribes.
* * *
The people of Darfur developed discontent by the discriminate measure of the central Sudan government. Neither education, social service nor the viable political voice had denied the people of Darfur. The darfurian felt that the government of Khartoum was not willing to protect the civilians; moreover it is unwilling to address the broader need of darfurians. From1995-1998 the tribe driven war was escalated.
* * *
In2001/02two rebel group began to organize. SUDAN LIBERATION MOVEMENT /ARMY (SLM/A) and JUSTICE AND EQUETY MOVEMENT (JEM) drawing their member primarily from the village of defense group. Most rebels were the fur, massalit and zhaghawa tribe. They were calling the equity and justice for all Sudan peoples not their tribe only. The rebel force start to attack the government in 2002 those attacks accelerated in 2003.
The Sudan government’s retaliation
The sundaes president Albeshir is one of the prime dictators of Africa. Like his fellow African contemporaries, he is willing to commit every crime to stay in power to repress. He is one of the most ’respected ‘member of the dictators club.
* * *
The goverement was not prepared for the attacks of Darfur rebels. Because it’s military forces are engaged in the longest war of Africa with the SPLA (SUDAN PEOPLE LIBERATION MOVEMENT). The Albeshir government also concerned since many rank and file soldiers in its militias was from Darfur. The government significantly picked up its recruitment of proxy militia continuing to exploit the existing and ongoing tension between tribal groups. The member of Arab tribes recruited to fight in government backed counterinsurgency operation become known us “janjiaweed” which is a term used in Darfur for an armed man on horse or camel.
* * *
Janjiaweed attack in concert with the Albasheir government, using the ‘free’ land and its air force, primarily and intentionally targeting the Darfur civilian, especially the tribal groups from which most of the rebel groups have been drawn. Most attacks are committed by janjiaweed jointly with the Khartoum troops. Women, children and men have been killed indiscriminately. Villages have been razed, livestock stolen or killed, crop destroyed and the whole population have been forcefully displaced. Particularly rape and sexual assault have been widespread.
I am developing cynicism about the role of AU!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Darfur in my mind

This unfortunate land is constituted mostly Moslems, and made of dozens of ethnic group and tribes. The predominate tribes in Darfur live in generally mutually accepted homelands called dar. These include that of the fur around Jebel Marra and the Zaghawa in parts of west and north Darfur. Also in west Darfure around El Geneina and to its south are the Masalit. The Rizeigat, the largest and most powerful of the tribes, are mainly found in the southern parts of south darfure.
Some group are agriculturalist &some are of these also herding cattle. Others primarily Arabs, are nomadic and semi nomadic.
The nomadic Arabs tribes, north of Jebel Marra, are known as Abbala, and include the Taayasha, the Habaney, the Beni Helba, the Mahameed and others. The secondary southern Arabs are collectively called Baggara...the complex tribal configuration goes on.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the tale of two anthems

our anthem
* * *
"Liberia's brutal, 13-year-old civil war has left over 200,000 dead and more than a million homeless..."
* * *
"...A report has accused the government of organizing killings and rapes against its own population and has criticized the international response as inadequate..."
* * *

"A rocket-propelled grenade attack on African Union peacekeepers and an ensuing gun battle killed at least 10 civilians..."
"Tensions rose in Zimbabwe yesterday when President Robert Mugabe's government warned that the opposition would pay a heavy price for what it described as a campaign of violence to overthrow the government..."
"For anyone who thinks that “genocide” is absolutely the rock-bottom possibility, keep an eye on Darfur..."

Au Anthem
Let us all unite and celebrate together
The victories won for our liberation
Let us dedicate ourselves to rise together
To defend our liberty and unity
O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the sun and flesh of the sky
Let us make Africa the tree of life.
Let us all unite and sing together
To uphold the bonds that frame our destiny
Let us dedicate ourselves to fight together
For lasting peace and justice on earth
O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the sun and flesh of the sky
Let us make Africa the tree of life.
Let us unite and toil together
To give the best for Africa
The cradle of mankind and fount of culture
Our pride and hope at break of dawn
O Sons and Daughters of Africa
Flesh of the sun and flesh of the sky
Let us make Africa the tree of life.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Heavens of hope ...(why African unity 5)

These were the good words from the founding fathers of the African union (the former OAU).All had a statement of hope. I wonder why these heavens of hope fade. We are tired of hearing dozens of hopes…
Don’t you believe this organization is going absolutely to a sort of dictators club?

* * *
We in Sierra Leone have never believed that Africa could not be united. …We are happy that, by the simple fact that we are meeting here from thirty independent states, we have been able to prove, to our selves and to those outside who, for their own reason, would like to see us divided, that there is only ONE AFRICA, and that in this one Africa we are all brothers.
* * *
When we speak of Africa unity we must beware of clich├ęs and empty words .our guiding principal should be idealism tempered by realism. Vision and imagination accompanied by sober concern for practicability.
* * *

Unity is imperative necessary for Africa today .our problem stems from common root and have, we believe, a common answer. Unity is not only our most effective answer but it has for us a message that is essentially and intrinsically different from a plea for unity by others. Colonial and industrially developed countries may regard unity as a method for preserving a statuesque. We regard unity as an endeavour for creation of that which should be both ideally and practically.
* * *
There will be some who will say that this charter doesn’t go far enough or is not revolutionary enough. This may be so. But what is going far enough?
…and what is being a good revolutionary?
A true revolutionary is not an unrealistic dreamer .a true revolutionary is one who analyses any given situation with scientific objectivity and act accordingly. This is what the conference has been doing: examining realistically what it is that we have in common in our approach to unity and then acting accordingly.
* * *
In such a perspective, independence is no longer appears as and in itself ,but as a solemn proclamation of an irresistible aspiration of the peoples towards well-being and progress. Independence establishes claim to dignity but doesn’t entirely satisfy that claim, because dignity is really only accessible to people freed from hunger, sickness and ignorance. In these conditions, the political emancipation of Africa can be no more than the necessary prelude to the mobilization of energies and resources with the view to raising men to a higher moral and material level.
* * *

The meaning I attached to this conference is that we have gathered here to find the basis as to how we can advance the two revolution’s which running together in Africa.
There is a revolt against foreign rule and economic and social domination. There is also a revolutionary upsurge which aims at giving Africa a new creed, a new certainty. New sense of belonging by transforming the mental attitude and orientation of our people and by giving them a political and a social standard which would ensure a better life than we have today anywhere. To me thus goals can only be achieved through a continental and a joint effort by all of us. There seem to be no disagreement that we should collectively together to achieve these goals.

* * *
What we need are an African organizing mind and one African will facing the problems and challenges which stands in front of the continent and hamper its potentiality for the evolution of its life, and as a result ,reduce its contribution to the drive of human progress.

* * *
A big breath of pure air, a new definition of man, a new ethnic a new way of imbuing human relations with humanity has been born in Africa: this flame has sometimes flickered: for long time it remained spluttering, but today it sets aglow a whole heaven of hope.
We, head of states of Africa, have the very formidable privilege of hallowing a destiny, the destiny of Africa, but ,at the same time and of necessity, the destiny of universal peace, the destiny of a humanity delivered from the courses of self destruction.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

why africa unity 4

When the American backed, the Ethiopian dictator‘s army invade Somalia, the AU didn’t have a clear-cut judgment.
The African union peace keeping force from Uganda started to enter in the war torn Somalia. It may stabilize the Ethiopian puppet government of the Somalia. It is just a quick fix solution from the incompetent African union war lord cliques. Who wishes another black hawk down? Is the American in side the matter? Sure, Meles and Mossivini are the two prime puppet of the American. Awful African union!

44 years ago the leaders of the independent states of Africa, had declared why African union is indispensable. ..

“If I may use a metaphor, I would say we are building a house: the foundation are our people, in other words African itself: the regional groups are the wall which should be firmly joined together by tie-bolts of concert, and not only by a roughcast concealing the crack; and African unity is the roof, as vitally necessary as the foundations, which we lay on top of the mutually re-enforced walls.”
H.E Philbert Tsiranaan
President of Malagasy Republic (Madagascar)
* * *
“Brushing aside every obstacle, contemptuous of all pressure s, we must then proceed stage by stage, to concrete action, looking only to ideals of liberation and African unity.”
H.E Modibo Keita
President of the republic of MALI

* * *
“The African unity, for which we are all laying the foundation, demands sacrifices from us, not the least of which is that we should forget our former quarrels and dissension.”
H.E Moktar Ould Daddah
President of the Islamic republic of Mauritania.
* * *
“We fell that, if this unity is to last, we must start from the beginning. Nigeria’s stand is that if we want this unity in Africa we must first agree to a certain essential things: the African stated must respect one another.”
H.E Sir Abubaker T.Balewa
Prime minister of the federal republic of Nigeria

* * *
“Africa for African! We should condemn once for all the colonialists, and grant facilities to our brothers who are fighting for their independence.”
H.E Habemenshi
Minister of foreign affair of Rwanda.

* * *
“The consciousness of our community of culture, our Africaness, is a necessary preliminary to any progress along the road to unity .without it there can be no will, let alone an effective effort, to reach unity.
I don’t deny that another thing we have in common is our situation as under develop
Countries, characterized by certain traits which I would sum up thus: under nourishment and under productivity because of lack of capital and technical trained personal. But in order to emerge from this situation, though its nature is material and technical, it is on spiritual energy that that we must call .we must forge together a common soul. We have a common soul, which embodied in our African-ness. “
H.E. Leoplod Sedar Senghor
President of the republic of Senegal