Friday, March 23, 2007

Darfur in my mind 2

Darfur, is the existing human being wretchedness hotspot. Every walks of ‘darfurians’ are full of the countless tragedy. Oh! Africa! Oh the cradle of man kind! What miraculous shoulder do you have to bear such a calamity!
Milestone Causes of conflict

In 1970s and in1980s increased desertification and drought resulted in significant movement of nomadic people, moving deeper in to southern area, as well as ‘newcomers’ entering from Libya, Chad and Mauritania. The rivalry for the scarce water and resources causes a potential conflict among groups. The intensity of conflicts increased significantly with the formation of village defense group and militias and influx of Small arms and a light weapon in to the region. By the 1980s the most conflict was between the fur and the nomadic tribes.
* * *
The people of Darfur developed discontent by the discriminate measure of the central Sudan government. Neither education, social service nor the viable political voice had denied the people of Darfur. The darfurian felt that the government of Khartoum was not willing to protect the civilians; moreover it is unwilling to address the broader need of darfurians. From1995-1998 the tribe driven war was escalated.
* * *
In2001/02two rebel group began to organize. SUDAN LIBERATION MOVEMENT /ARMY (SLM/A) and JUSTICE AND EQUETY MOVEMENT (JEM) drawing their member primarily from the village of defense group. Most rebels were the fur, massalit and zhaghawa tribe. They were calling the equity and justice for all Sudan peoples not their tribe only. The rebel force start to attack the government in 2002 those attacks accelerated in 2003.
The Sudan government’s retaliation
The sundaes president Albeshir is one of the prime dictators of Africa. Like his fellow African contemporaries, he is willing to commit every crime to stay in power to repress. He is one of the most ’respected ‘member of the dictators club.
* * *
The goverement was not prepared for the attacks of Darfur rebels. Because it’s military forces are engaged in the longest war of Africa with the SPLA (SUDAN PEOPLE LIBERATION MOVEMENT). The Albeshir government also concerned since many rank and file soldiers in its militias was from Darfur. The government significantly picked up its recruitment of proxy militia continuing to exploit the existing and ongoing tension between tribal groups. The member of Arab tribes recruited to fight in government backed counterinsurgency operation become known us “janjiaweed” which is a term used in Darfur for an armed man on horse or camel.
* * *
Janjiaweed attack in concert with the Albasheir government, using the ‘free’ land and its air force, primarily and intentionally targeting the Darfur civilian, especially the tribal groups from which most of the rebel groups have been drawn. Most attacks are committed by janjiaweed jointly with the Khartoum troops. Women, children and men have been killed indiscriminately. Villages have been razed, livestock stolen or killed, crop destroyed and the whole population have been forcefully displaced. Particularly rape and sexual assault have been widespread.
I am developing cynicism about the role of AU!

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