Saturday, March 17, 2007

Darfur in my mind

This unfortunate land is constituted mostly Moslems, and made of dozens of ethnic group and tribes. The predominate tribes in Darfur live in generally mutually accepted homelands called dar. These include that of the fur around Jebel Marra and the Zaghawa in parts of west and north Darfur. Also in west Darfure around El Geneina and to its south are the Masalit. The Rizeigat, the largest and most powerful of the tribes, are mainly found in the southern parts of south darfure.
Some group are agriculturalist &some are of these also herding cattle. Others primarily Arabs, are nomadic and semi nomadic.
The nomadic Arabs tribes, north of Jebel Marra, are known as Abbala, and include the Taayasha, the Habaney, the Beni Helba, the Mahameed and others. The secondary southern Arabs are collectively called Baggara...the complex tribal configuration goes on.

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