Saturday, March 3, 2007

why africa unity 4

When the American backed, the Ethiopian dictator‘s army invade Somalia, the AU didn’t have a clear-cut judgment.
The African union peace keeping force from Uganda started to enter in the war torn Somalia. It may stabilize the Ethiopian puppet government of the Somalia. It is just a quick fix solution from the incompetent African union war lord cliques. Who wishes another black hawk down? Is the American in side the matter? Sure, Meles and Mossivini are the two prime puppet of the American. Awful African union!

44 years ago the leaders of the independent states of Africa, had declared why African union is indispensable. ..

“If I may use a metaphor, I would say we are building a house: the foundation are our people, in other words African itself: the regional groups are the wall which should be firmly joined together by tie-bolts of concert, and not only by a roughcast concealing the crack; and African unity is the roof, as vitally necessary as the foundations, which we lay on top of the mutually re-enforced walls.”
H.E Philbert Tsiranaan
President of Malagasy Republic (Madagascar)
* * *
“Brushing aside every obstacle, contemptuous of all pressure s, we must then proceed stage by stage, to concrete action, looking only to ideals of liberation and African unity.”
H.E Modibo Keita
President of the republic of MALI

* * *
“The African unity, for which we are all laying the foundation, demands sacrifices from us, not the least of which is that we should forget our former quarrels and dissension.”
H.E Moktar Ould Daddah
President of the Islamic republic of Mauritania.
* * *
“We fell that, if this unity is to last, we must start from the beginning. Nigeria’s stand is that if we want this unity in Africa we must first agree to a certain essential things: the African stated must respect one another.”
H.E Sir Abubaker T.Balewa
Prime minister of the federal republic of Nigeria

* * *
“Africa for African! We should condemn once for all the colonialists, and grant facilities to our brothers who are fighting for their independence.”
H.E Habemenshi
Minister of foreign affair of Rwanda.

* * *
“The consciousness of our community of culture, our Africaness, is a necessary preliminary to any progress along the road to unity .without it there can be no will, let alone an effective effort, to reach unity.
I don’t deny that another thing we have in common is our situation as under develop
Countries, characterized by certain traits which I would sum up thus: under nourishment and under productivity because of lack of capital and technical trained personal. But in order to emerge from this situation, though its nature is material and technical, it is on spiritual energy that that we must call .we must forge together a common soul. We have a common soul, which embodied in our African-ness. “
H.E. Leoplod Sedar Senghor
President of the republic of Senegal

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