Thursday, March 1, 2007


those were the promises we had heard almost half a century ago. what a futile promises were they!

The principal problem which the African states have in common transcends the restricted framework of our countries as well as of our daily preoccupations.
Thus, now more than ever, we must concentrate our effort on resolving them with objectivity, So as to create a prosperous united Africa.
H.E David Dacko
President of central Africa
There is in this general aspiration of African people the leaven necessary to building of our unitary structures. There is, moreover, nothing fundamentally unchangeable in the language barrier: it is merely a question of generation and of reformed educational programmer.
H.E Fran├žois Tombalbaye
President of the republic of Chad.

* * * *
One of the essential Rules for any constructive human endeavour is to lay sound foundation before building up to the summit. This imperative need obliges the African people to fashion first of all their national unity, then to associate these acquired national unities into a whole, which brings them together while allowing them to retain individuality, and finally to concentrate at the summit what ever is of universal application for Africa.
H.E filbert Youlou
-president of republic of Congo (Brazzaville)

* * *
Mutually confidence and respect between partner constituent the basis of success of all efforts at unity. That is why we have avoided letting our own current national reconciliation turn in to settling of old scores. Nothing can be built on hatred, on bitterness, or on vengeance.
* * *

It seems obvious that time has now come to Africans, who have nearly all regained their liberty, to jointly choose the future they wish to themselves. For there is no doubt that henceforth they feel themselves called to live together and no longer separated as heretofore by artificial barrier of language, laws and custom inherited from the foreigner. if they are to build this common future on solid foundations, … they must seek simple and practical measures which , if sincerely applied , will prove far more efficacious than ambitious but chimerical project the present context.
H.E Hubert Maga
President of Dahome (Benin)
* * *

Today we look to the future calmly, confidently and courageously. We look to the vision of an African not merely, free but united .in facing, this new challenge; we can take comfort and encouragement from the lesson of the past.
…history teas us that unity is strength and cautions as to submerge and overcome our difference in the quest of common goal, to strive with all our combined strength, for the path to the true African brotherhood and unity.
His imperial majesty Haile Selassie the first,
Emperor of Ethiopia

I should lay special emphasis on the importance of economic co-operation as an approach to African unity. At this juncture realism and efficiency must prevail over passion and precipitance.
H.E Leon MBA
President of republic of Gabon
No sporadic act or pious resolution can resolve our present problem except the. Nothing will be of avail, except the united act of united Africa. We have already reached the stage where we must unite or sink in to a condition which has made Latin America the unwilling and distressed prey of imperialism after one and half centuries of political independence.
H.E Kwame Nkrumah
President of the republic of Ghana.
* * *

It is obvious that economic development is not possible for a people who dopn’t enjoy freedom of action, any more than consistent social and human development is possible an economically deprived people.
Sekou Toure
President of the republic of guinea
* * *

In reality we have only a choice between participation in the modern world as solidarity constructed group, and therefore as respected partner ,or standing aside from the main economic stream which would restrict us, probably for all time ,to the role of supernumerary ,a role which some people already tend too often to assign to us.
H.E Houphoutet-BOigny
President of the Ivory Coast.

* * *
In the great task to which we have set ourselves at this crucial moment in our continent’s history ,let us think like men of action and act like men of thought.
H.E William V.S Tubeman
President of the republic of Liberia
* * *

Mutual understanding and closer co-operation among African states is necessity. We must avoid, at all costs, the formation of African grouping which tears and splits the unity of Africa and create a real danger to our security and existence. Such disunity would only aid imperialists-to sow the seeds of discord and dissension among the African nations, to the benefit of their selfish interest and colonial objectives.
His Royal Highness Hasan Ridfa
Crown prince of Libya.

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